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BAAM Athletic Center

The BAAM Program is proud to offer all in-county members free membership to our Athletic Center. The BAAM Athletic Center is available for private events, and regularly hosts events for the public. The Athletic Center and it’s people enjoy seeing members of the community use its space for growth, development, and hope to continue to be the source of enjoyment for many years to come.

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BAAM Academic Center

The BAAM Academic Center is planned to finish construction in 2023. The Academic Center will be the host of all of BAAM's existing academic programs, and will stand as an educational center for all of BAAM's future events.


BAAM Afterschool Program (Elementary)

The BAAM Afterschool Program is a program designed to help students with adjusting to successful learning skills. Students are taught habits to ensure success in and out of an academic environment, and are placed on the right track to become successful students in their learning journeys. Alongside school, students are given opportunities to participate in a variety of sports and activities.


BAAM Afterschool Program (Middle School)

The BAAM afterschool program extends until middle school for students. Students are able to continue their positive habits and reinforce successful strategies that set themselves up well for greater challenges and courses. Students are given more responsibilities and taught how to succeed when more is required of them.


BAAM Summer Program

BAAM invites our students to join us in the summer to participate in our summer program. Students are introduced to new experiences and taught important community skills. With consistency year round, BAAM is enabled to interact with it's students on a personal level, and grow with the students.